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  • I'm the real world solution, to a sometimes daunting undertaking. Buying or selling a vintage car. 
  • I'm Kevin J Kennedy.  I've been around classic and vintage cars all my life, starting as a kid being around my Dad and Godfather when they were building my Dads race cars for the New England modified circuit. My Dad had a detail shop when I was kid and I would windex and steel wool chrome on the vintage cars and classic cars from the sixties, as well as get all the compound and polish out of the old style classic script emblems, because I was the perfect height to do it. Time went on and he got a modest car lot going in Mass, after school I would wash and clean up vintage and classic cars. I also would help the guys in the shop with different things and keep the shop swept orderly and organized. Dad sold the car lot and got into trucking with his Brothers, that was in my high school years. After high school, I got a job at After Hours Auto Body in Southern Mass and learned everything about wet sanding cured enamels, lacquers, apoxies, the introduction of base clear and detailing. After two years there I left and opened my own detail shop, Detailing by Kevin Kennedy and handled used car lots from three different counties. One shop was Ultimate Moto which handled vintage and classic European exotics. There I got the finer skills of detailing and sympathetic restoration together, as well as full engine compartment paint and detail down to an art form. 
  • In the late 80s, I moved to Florida where I got a mobile detailing service going handling high end muscle cars, vintage exotics grand masters and American classics from the 30s into the 60s. I did that until 2010 when Myself and a friend started a company in Fort Lauderdale, we customized cars for Pro Football players. We also handled the buying, shipping and selling of their cars, the list of players is extensive. 
  • In 2015 I decided to get into brokering early model cars and focus on grand masters, vintage exotics, American Classics, and cars from the 30s into the 60s and some distinguished high end muscle cars. My decades of experience in the field of reconditioning, sympathetic restoration, and the fact that I've had my hands on just about every kind of vintage and classic car spanning almost all brands and the eras of change, put me in a unique position of knowledge that most people don't have in my field and make brokering a natural step for me. The years of passion and love I had for the art of detailing is the same passion and love I put into my brokering and handling of  unique collections and cars from private clients. 
  • Decades of connections and networking in every aspect of all eras of classic and vintage cars.

A belief in loyalty and doing business like no other in this field, the way my Grandfather would be proud of.

  •  Vintage cars, Classic cars, Classic muscle Cars, Import and Export.


!!!!! SOLD !!!!! 1938 Lincoln Zephyr


It is not a car that we are dealing with but, a work of vintage mechanical art, that is reflecting a classic moment of time in an era that we are choosing to relive and connect with again. 

That classic moment is not expensive, that classic moment is priceless. 

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Brokering     I will broker the purchase or sale of your car, a fee applies.

Scouting        I will locate any car, no matter where it is. A fee applies. 

Inspection    My decades of experience, in high end detailing and sympathetic restoration can be put to work for you in checking out a car you have an interest in. A fee applies. 

Import export  

Financing available

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